Triton Watches Reviews

Watch of the Week: The Triton Subphotique Diver
March 9, 2017

New release after new release in 2017 continues to prove that the trend of reissuing or drawing inspiration from vintage watches is anything but over. No matter whether a brand is deep-rooted in history of if they have only been around for the last decade (or less), it would seem that every company is jumping on the bandwagon. The interesting thing about Triton is the simple fact that a pair of Paris-based watch enthusiasts stumbled across a vintage example of the Triton dive watch from the 1960s or ’70s and bonded with its design to the point of wanting to revive the brand once killed off by the quartz crisis. After tracking down a number of Swiss manufacturers and parts suppliers that were up to the task, the Triton Subphotique was reborn. […]

Hands-On The Triton Subphotique
January 18, 2017

While in Geneva for the SIHH, I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with an unexpected divers watch: the re-edition of the famous Triton Spirotechnique. Of course, the name has changed […]