We had both been avid collectors of vintage watches for several years, but the model which really stood out among the various dive watches of the 60’s and 70’s in our collections was the Triton Spirotechnique, and it was our affection and admiration for this watch which was the trigger for starting this crazy adventure – re-launching the Triton brand.

This classic watch was from a time when the great brands were appreciated for their originality and fitness for purpose; Colonel Parmentier’s iconic design was the ultimate expression of this spirit and we were determined not to compromise on the qualities – the ‘DNA’ – which made the original watch so unique.

The Triton was the most expensive diving watch available in the 60’s. With its crown and hinged protection located at the 12 o’clock position, it was designed as a precision tool, built to exact specifications to meet the needs of divers; it was sold only in diving stores.

We decided to re-launch the iconic Triton around the values of exclusivity and excellence, rather than build a generic product to appeal to as many people as possible – as so many of today’s brands try to do.  We are proud to say that the Triton Subphotique is the worthy successor to its glorious predecessor, not a fashion item but one renowned for reliability and comfort.

Passion and respect have driven the development of this watch: passion for a historic brand and respect for the most exacting of clientele. Precision-engineered, the Triton Subphotique is hand-assembled by some of the most highly-skilled craftsmen in Switzerland who also share our passion for excellence.

We are sports watch specialists, not generalists. Our clients deserve the best, most robust and most distinctive watches and that is what we provide. We do hope you will enjoy wearing the Triton Subphotique, the most original sport watch developed in recent years.