We had both been avid collectors of vintage watches for several years, but the model which really stood out among the various dive watches of the 60’s and 70’s in our collections was the Triton Spirotechnique, and it was our affection and admiration for this watch which was the trigger for starting this crazy adventure – re-launching the Triton brand.


Mr. Jean René Parmentier (1921-1998), a former colonel of the French Air Force and watchmaking enthusiast, designed the Triton in 1962 for Spirotechnique, a firm founded in 1946 by the famous Commander Cousteau.


We have named this model the “Subphotique” because it can withstand depths of 500 meters (1640 Ft), far below the ocean’s photic zone (about 200 meters/656 Ft below the ocean’s surface), and where light is entirely absent.


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We have never compromised on the quality of our watches. We have selected the leading Swiss artisan watchmakers to produce exceptional watches. With their expertise, each watch is handcrafted according to Swiss fine watchmaking tradition.


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